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This is a now page, designed to capture what I'm focusing on now. If you have a personal website, consider creating your own now page.

This page was last updated 2024-Feb-01

Unemployment Goals

Setting aside the obvious goal of "find gainful employment", unemployment offers time for me for creativity and exploration related to my career. Within this space, I'm currently:

  • Fleshing out this site!
  • Reading books related to software engineering (currently The Design of Everyday Things, by Don Norman)
  • Starting tutorials for learning game development in Unreal (as a way to get practice with C++, but also because game development is interesting stuff!)


My wife went back to school this year to expand her biology degree and nursing degree with a masters. Now I'm her chauffeur to school. Very proud of her, and glad I can support her in that way.


I am very focused on providing the best life I can for my dog. Every day with him is treasure.


There is some crossover with my unemployment goals, as I do find most of the software learning I do entertaining as well, but here's what I'm doing purely for entertainment:

  • Dog!
  • Rocket League. Still? Always.
  • Instagram reels got me hooked. Looking to cut them out, but for now, they're here, and a good way to share memes with friends. Thank the stars I don't have Tiktok.
  • The Final Empire, by Brandon Sanderson