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Low-poly bust of Jon Gander
Jon Gander, c.2015


I'm Jon. Welcome to my site! The purpose of this site is to act as a hub for my public presence. The scope of this site covers a mixure of personal and professional life, as I believe each aspect enhances the other.

There are a few key elements to this site:


The initial inspiration behind this site was that I wanted a place to blog. I have extensive personal notes, and I appreciate the heck out of those pages of concise bullet points, but some thoughts and experiences are far more enjoyably captured as stream of consciousness or other narrative.

Blogging is good productive fun!

Portfolio and Projects

This site in its entirety acts as my portfolio. Yes, this site is a mix of personal and professional, and I believe that mix is crucial to the modern value of a portfolio.

What is the value of a portfolio? The concise and purely professional document already exists elsewhere in the form of a résumé (if you're interested in my résumé, please contact me and I can provide it for you). I think the modern value of a portfolio is to showcase the career journey and personality of the individual. Employers care about culture fit, and a site that includes both personal and professional is an accurate portrayal of who I am day-to-day far moreso than a highlight reel would be.

Besides, it would be difficult to fit all my blog posts in a traditional portfolio.

Fun, Learning, and Practice

I enjoy working on this site, adding new features, and treating it like a small non-profit business that I own and to which I can apply prioritization and design goals as I see fit. For more on the design goals and architecture of this site, see my About This Site section.



Do you have feedback or otherwise want to contact me? Feel free to reach out on my LinkedIn.