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Layoff? Liftoff!

Created: 2024-Feb-29

Two months into reclaiming my fitness, I was laid off. No, I don’t think the two are related, but it’s important context for the story.

Being laid off triggered critical questions for me: How would I reshape my time? How would I reshape my money?

For about an hour, I wallowed. I called my wife, told her the news, and hung up the phone. I dwelled in self-pity and rage against the perceived unfairness, mixed with shock and followed by worry.

Then I had coffee with my wife. Then we went to the gym.

Those were the last moments I harboured any real resentment towards my situation. My spirits lifted with the weights, my anger set down with the weights. I relished in the calm of physical fatigue.

Many other decisions were made in the following months, but maintaining fitness goals was foremost. How would I spend my money? Well, fast food and alcohol were out. Sure that’s good for the budget, but really they were holding back my gains. Gym cost? A gym membership is a small cost compared to most hobbies (I’m a recovering Magic: The Gathering addict).

How would I spend my time? You guessed it. Gym. The best parts are that “gym time” is also family time (my wife is even more into fitness than I am), and has even become continuing education time (I’m currently reading “The Design of Everyday Things”, by Don Norman if I finish my workout before my wife does).

Last night I hit a powerlifting milestone I am really excited about: the 5 plate (495 lbs) deadlift. Story aside, that’s really what I wanted to share today.

However, I also wanted to vocalize the silver lining of it all. It’s not quite that i’m grateful for being laid off, that’s not quite the right framing, but there have been a few major silver linings, and pushing my physical fitness has been a big one.

It has been a sabbatical of self and strength 💪💪