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Jon's Python Docs

Created: 2024-Mar-11


  • Main Pythod documentation index has A LOT of headings and isn’t collapsible
  • Python sub-pages don’t show full index trees

Quick Solution

Links to the top-level pages from the index I care about so I don’t have to touch the index often, with index-accurate names so I can look them up quickly in the index if I want to see the sub-trees

Jon’s Index

Long-Term Solution

If this keeps bothering me and/or I end up working in Python for a while, there are better solutions than making my own index.

Some combination of:

  • Save the page locally, implement collapsible lists.
  • Check if Python’s documentation page is on GitHub.
    • If it is, submit a PR with collapsibility for the index.
    • If it isn’t, submit a feature ticket to Python.

However, what I’ve made is good enough for now!

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