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Code the Rainbow, Pin the Rainbow

Created: 2024-Mar-14

I’ve made 5 GitHub repos in the last week. Now I can make a GitHub rainbow.

The Rainbow

Without further suspense:

Pinned GitHub Repositories pinned in an order so that
        the color circles for the repositories' languages are ordered
        Red(Ruby), Orange(Java), Yellow(Javascript), green(Vue), blue(Python),

There it is!

  • Red(Ruby)
  • Orange(Java)
  • Yellow(Javascript)
  • Green(Vue)
  • Blue(Python)
  • Purple(CSS)

Ok, But Why the Sandboxes?

Well, I needed to do test prep and write tests in 4 different languages (Java, Python, C, “Web”(Javascript)) over the past week, and I’ve got another test (Ruby) coming up next week (hopefully).

For each of these, the best way to rehydrate my brain on the parts of each of these languages I’ve learned throughout my career has been to do practice problems that cover language syntax and basic scenarios. Creating repos for the language practice seemed like a logical way to handle it, and good reference when I need it.

And the rainbow happened simply because I could! Code practice is important for career growth, but that doesn’t reqire constant seriousness. In fact, play is important for growth! Why not have fun, right?

Next Steps

The next step is that the flag will be de-arranged. I don’t mind having these sandboxes to flesh out my pinned posts (I prefer them to the archived repos I had there before), but they’re not in my desired order.

Long-term I want to maintain proficiency in each of these languages, and these sandboxes seem like they could be a good way to keep in shape for languages I don’t have in mind for any production-level projects. We’ll see how that goes though. It feels like one of those “good ideas for now” that fades into obscurity, and I don’t care to hold myself to goals that are mostly arbitrary.